Lingua Nigra: A Flint Holds A Fire Earrings

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Yet another fun style, honestly I feel so bad for you as you read these descriptions and look at all the photos because there is so much to choose from!

The "crest" was hand carved in wax, then cast in brass. I then etched it in acid and gold plated the whole earring to be what you see right now. A fun style and something a little different from LN.

  • 7cm long or 2.75"
  • Brass with 22kt gold plate
  • Sterling silver post
  • Made with love in the USA

About the Artist

Alicia Goodwin earned a degree in Fashion Design and Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and launched her company, Lingua Nigra, soon after graduation. Her work is inspired by nature, ancient talismans, Victorian era work, and sentimental jewelry. Alicia believes that her art should be "shared by wearing" and Lingua Nigra is meant to evoke a timeless feeling that can be work everyday.
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