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Nature's Quiet Call

Christopher Gerber is engrossed with the many intricacies of nature; specifically the forest covered mountain ranges of Washington State. Gerber explored the vast landscapes

of Wisconsin where he grew up and attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

There he studied metalsmithing. Gerber is now a practicing goldsmith andbench jeweler,

and through his involvement teaching in the local alpine climbing community, Gerber

brings together formal techniques from both worlds to help him achieve a better

understanding of the space he lives in. Gerber seamlessly transfers his experiences

in nature into his art practice. Little tree silhouettes and multilayered mountain ranges

make many appearances in his earrings, belt buckles, necklaces and rings. Daunting

peaks and gargantuan vistas are scaled and broken down into comprehensible pieces,

allowing manageable interpretation. Of all the exciting adventure of the outdoors, Gerber prefers to show the quiet serenity of all that is nature. Gerber’s metalwork is as clean and

crisp as a mountain stream. He spends hours cutting out shapes by hand and then layers different metals on top of one another to create a familiar landscape that you can wear on

your finger. Gerber’s work is incredible, his hand is precise and his passion is admirable.

Come see Christopher Gerber’s show opening at the Metal Museum Store Gallery August 13, 3pm-5pm. The show runs August 6th through November 12th.

Pictured above:

Mt. Olympus Necklace

Sterling silver, 14 KT, Olympic choss


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