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Creating a metal arts center in the heart of Memphis 
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Experiencing tremendous growth, the Metal Museum has launched a capital and endowment campaign to create a vibrant arts center that builds the Museum’s capacity to serve its audiences and advance its mission. 

Despite the importance of metal to everyday life – from the built environment to utilitarian functions to aesthetic accompaniments – there is only one museum in North America dedicated specifically to this medium. Through its programs, the Metal Museum contextualizes the roles and uses of metal to create an understanding of the craft, its history, and its impact on contemporary art and design. 


Through the campaign, the Metal Museum will transform Rust Hall from a private educational facility into a public, state-of-the-art museum facility, metals studio, and education center. The Metal Museum is on the cusp of a dramatic transformation – one that addresses its physical needs while simultaneously elevating programmatic opportunities for the Memphis community and beyond.

With expansive spaces and multiple amenities, the Metal Museum in Overton Park reignites this iconic Memphis landmark for visitors from all walks of life
to gather, connect, and create. 
The Metal Museum has long been one of the cornerstones of the Memphis creative community, bringing international exhibitions to the region and developing young artists.” 



Richard Aycock, Chair 

Shannon A. Brown 

Phil Coop 

Theodore Davis 

Laura Eason 

Douglas W. Ferris

Gary Shorb 

Bryan K. Smith 

Stacy Smith 

Andy Taylor 

Nicole Treadwell 

Monica Wharton

We invite you to be the spark that reignites the fire for
the Metal Museum, the field of fine metalwork,
Overton Park, and Memphis. 

To learn more about being part of the Metal Museum's future, please contact:


Executive Director


Development Manager

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