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4. Beginners Casting: Fantastic Creatures

SEP. 28-29, 2024 | 9AM-4PM
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Lost wax is the oldest form of metal casting dating back to the time of Da Vinci. This class combines the Lost Wax Technique for use in resin sand molds. The wax is melted out via an oven. Each participant will make at least one casting in aluminum by the end of the course.

During this class, participants will learn the process of wax casting and wax joining. Students will use a variety of plaster molds in wax casting objects. Utilizing parts and pieces of each selected mold, you will assemble a new and unique object. Students can also work directly with sheets of wax to create an object by modeling, similar to modeling clay.

At the end of Saturday, students will invest their molds in resin sand for melt out overnight. We will cast the molds in aluminum the following day.

Prerequisites: None | Level: Beginner | Ages: 15+ (If minor- parent/guardian must be present)

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