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Colorful, enameled pear-shaped containers with small lids all lined up in a vitrine.
The Master Metalsmith series began in 1983 as a way for the Metal Museum to honor the most influential metal artists of the day. In the years since its inception it has brought the work of more than 30 internationally acclaimed metalsmiths to Memphis for solo exhibitions in the Mid South.


2023, Rachelle Thiewes
2022, Lynda Watson
2021, Kim Cridler
2019, Sarah Perkins
2018, Lisa Gralnick
2017, David Secrest
2016, Hoss Haley
2015, Linda Threadgill
2014, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray
2013, Thomas Latané
2012, Eleanor Moty
2011, Fred Fenster
2010, Michael Jerry
2009, Elizabeth Brim
2008, Gary Griffin
2007, Thomas Madden
2006, Richard Prillaman
2005, Elliott Pujol
2004, Harriete Estel Berman
2003, Peter Ross
2002, Harlan Butt
2001, Tim McCreight
2000, Richard Kimball (d.)
1999, Marilyn da Silva
1998, Pat Flynn
1997, Heikki Seppa (d.)
1996, Tom Joyce
1995, Bruce LePage
1994, Mary Lee Hu
1993, Curtis Lafollette
1991, John Marshall
1990, Carl Jennings (d.)
1989, Helen Shirk
1988, Gary Noffke
1987, Richard Mawdsley
1984, L. Brent Kington (d.)
1983, Phillip Fike (d.)
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