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The Metal Museum’s permanent collection is one of the ways we embody our mission to preserve and advance the art and craft of fine metalwork.
An open drawer with metal jewelry under glass.
The Metal Museum's Permanent Collection of over 3,000 objects represents a broad spectrum of metalwork, including contemporary hollowware, sculpture and studio jewelry created by artist metalsmiths, as well as historic objects dating back to the Renaissance. In addition to metal objects, the Museum collections include a resource library of over 6,000 books and folios and an archive of over 36,000 architectural drawings, photographs and slides. The collections serve as a resource for artists and researchers interested in particular forms, processes and techniques, as well as a repository for metalsmiths to preserve their legacy. It is accessible to the public through onsite exhibitions, the online catalog, loans to other institutions and by appointment with our curatorial staff. 



The Permanent Collection at the Metal Museum focuses on artists and artworks from the post-Craft Revival period, from the 1970s to present. Several metalsmiths who were instrumental in the revival of the field in the United States, such as L. Brent Kington and James Wallace, are represented in the Collection. Historic pieces help tell the story of the Craft-Revival by documenting the progress and decline of the field prior to the Revival, as well as influences on the American metalsmiths of the 20th century to current day. 

Two organically shaped sculptures atop a long pedestals.
An open drawer with over a dozen folding and fixed blade knives under glass.



The Metal Museum's Library Building was recently renovated to include new Visible Storage galleries. Funded by the Jeniam Foundation, Visible Storage consists of high density storage units with glass cabinet tops and glass covered drawers. Objects from the Permanent Collection are housed in these units to allow visitors and researchers greater access to the collection. Please continue to come to the Library to see new works as they are added.



The Permanent Collection continues to grow through gifts, purchases and bequests.

For more information about donating work, please contact Director of Collections & Exhibitions

Laura Hutchison Bhatti at

For more information about contributing to the Permanent Collection Endowment, please contact Executive Director Carissa Hussong at

The Curatorial team is continuing to digitize our collections. Please click the link below to explore a portion of our Permanent Collection.
A red-haired teenager points at a metal object under glass.

View the Permanent Collection to search catalog records for historic metal artifacts and contemporary artworks.

View the Library Collection to search the records for books and folios on topics related to historic and contemporary metalsmithing processes and artists.

View the SNAG Slide Archive to search the database of slides and digital images that document the creative process and history of

the field.

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