JUL. 7 - SEP. 29, 2019

Keeler Gallery

Reception & Gallery Talk 

Sunday, JUL. 14, 2019, 3PM - 5PM

Keeler Gallery

Artist Talk begins at 3:30PM

Monica Coyne is an artist-blacksmith currently based in rural California. Her experiences living in both urban and rural environments have created questions that Monica addresses with her work. "What if we acknowledged that humans were interdependent with the rest of the universe? Would we behave better?" Her figurative sculptures are inspired by man’s place in the natural environment; they draw connections between the state of human progress and the value of the world around us.

Monica studied Industrial Arts at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Elementum journal (UK), HEPHAISTOS (Germany), and The Anvil's Ring (USA).

"We are controlled by our perceptions. My work has always been an experiment in altering my
own perception of what a bar of steel represents. I formed the hot steel and as it cooled, I
would catch a glimpse of stretching skin. When the pressure of the drift expanded the hole, I
could see fat swelling into a breast. My figures are shaped from the perfectly dimensioned bar
that comes from one of our most historically important industries. Innovation and depredation
have propelled us forward as a species, but our greatest and most terrifying strength is the
ability to talk each other into things. Coming out of and flowing into the original stock, these
figures tell your mind to see a person. But the person is also a piece of steel connected just as
we are to our own complicity in the fallout of our ingenuity."

Derived from the Museum’s location along the Mississippi, as well as from the focus of the exhibition series, Tributaries features artists whose work is beginning to have a significant impact on the metal arts community.

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