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Athena Skillets: Classic Omni Skillet - Large

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Product Details

From the Artist:

The Omni Skillet is the do-it-all companion designed to last for generations. We named this skillet the “Omni”, which translates to “Universal”, to signify its versatility. Designed as a hybrid between the Sauté Pan and the French Skillet, the Omni collection features medium height lips with enough curvature to sauté and flip vegetables, while still facilitating the iconic sear every great cook desires. Athena’s Omni Skillet is the workhorse that can do it all.
The 13” Omni Skillet provides the size and versatility to master any task. Ideal for family cooking, the 13” size features an additional hand forged handle to help when moving a skillet of its size. This skillet will not only last generations, but it will rise to any culinary challenge it faces along the way.

Local Memphis pick-up only available online. Please call the Museum Store at (901) 774-6380 for a shipping quote.

  • 5 lbs 8 oz.
  • 13″ lip-to-lip
  • 10″ base
  • 1 ½″ lip height
  • 24 ½″ length with handles
  • 4 ½″ handle height

About the Artist

Athena Skillets is a family operation based in Lexington, VA. Founder and owner Yates Spencer discovered blacksmithing at the age of 12, and has apprenticed and worked with master blacksmiths across the United States and Europe. As a culmination of four decades of blacksmithing, Spencer and his sons now hand make every component of their carbon steel cookware down to the rivets. Spencer says that he loves the idea of "making things that people could use, look at, and cook with every day," and his pans are created to be beautiful and durable enough to last for generations.

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