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AUG. 13 - NOV. 5, 2017

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The Museum's Permanent Collection is searchable online and can be accessed via computer or mobile device.

The Metal Museum’s Permanent Collection focuses on artwork created by American metal artists and artisans from the Post-Craft Revival (1960s and 70s) to the present. International and historic works are included to contextualize the development of the eld as well as past and present influences. The collection eschews the confines of classical academic categorization and instead draws from multiple traditional silos of study to create a focus based on material and process. Contemporary, Modern, Craft and Decorative Arts together tell the story of American metalsmithing and casting. Sculpture, ornamental ironwork, tools, jewelry, blades and hollowware share the spotlight at this institution.


Beyond being a repository of metal artwork, the Metal Museum is the home of metal artists and art historians. Blacksmithing and casting apprentices reside on the Museum grounds, while the staff is peppered with coppersmiths, sculptors, jewelers, fabricators and blacksmiths. All of the employees, apprentices, interns and volunteers at the Museum have unique expertise when it comes to metalwork and they were invited to share their perspectives in this exhibition. Everyone selected one piece from the Permanent Collection that is a favorite or one they find particularly interesting and important. The artwork is accompanied by an explanation of why it was selected and why it is important within the Collection.

All photographs courtesy of the Metal Museum

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Tennessee Arts Commission

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