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The Metal Museum gates are the first work of art you encounter when entering the Museum. The gates are made up of over 350 rosettes from over 170 metalsmiths from around the world.
A close-up of small rosettes that adorn the Museum's entrance gates.
Metalsmiths from around the world contributed samples of their work to the Anniversary Gates. The rosettes, typically about the size of a doorknob, show an incredible range of personal statements about the individual artist's interests, national pastimes, and sometimes whimsical design motifs. Many visitors to the Museum spend extensive time examining the Anniversary Gates and their fabulous assemblage of mounted rosettes. Funds were raised from various sources to complete the gates. Bryan Systems, Inc. later donated the automatic gate opener and access control that makes the gates both beautiful and functional. To learn more about the gates, read the Anvil's Ring article by James A. Wallace. 





15' 6"


Two sections of 1,700 lbs each


Forged steel and scrollwork frame finished in black with 23k gold leaf. Decorative rosettes are in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Renaissance style with repetition of a classic "S" scroll set in heavy framework, with each scroll terminating in two individualized rosettes. The rosettes are the metalsmiths' personal statements and take many forms, including fish, tableware, tools and musical instruments. Artists from around the world contributed the rosettes. Featured countries include Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, Finland, France, Germany (including both the former East Germany and West Germany), Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, the United States of America, and Wales.

Chief Designer:

Richard Quinnell, Ltd., Surrey, England

Number of Metalsmiths Who Contributed Rosettes:

Nearly 200

Number of Rosettes:

360 places, 331 completed

Number of Scrolls:



Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14, 1989


Observance of the 10th Anniversary of the National Ornamental Metal Museum's opening, which was February 5, 1979.


Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10, 2014


Jarmo Anttila

Philip Baldwin

Don Barker

Steve Baxter

Mack Beal

Berkeen Manufacturing

Robert Bergman

Berth Johansson


Michael Bondi

Fred Borcherdt

Doug Carmichael

Lowell Chaput

Bruce Clark

Tina Chisena

Merrit Cleaver

Skip Cluff

H. Cole

Robert Coogan

Jim Cooper

Jim Cotter

David Court

Larry Crawford

Benny Crevitt

Mike Crummy

C. Dahlstrom

William Dawe

Alan Dawson

Ralf Driessen

Richard Dyer

Ron Eastman

Lars Erick

Kurt Fehrenbach

Phillip Fike

Franklin Forge

Southern Ohio Forge Association

Tim Fortune

Jeffrey Funk

Dimitri Gerakaris

Noel Gregg

Jerry Grice

Edwin Grove

Theo Grunewald

Ken Hambel

Michael Hasse

Goro Hatanaka

Bill Helwig

Rebecca P. Hemmingway

Doug Hendrickson

Toby Hickman

Stuart Hill

Logan Hirsh

Grady Holley

Jim Horrobin

Japheth Howard

Brian Hughes

Mitsuhira Ishikawa

Brenton Curtis

David James

Russell Jaqua

Carl Jennings

Bruce Johnson

Rob Keeler, Keeler Ironworks

D. Keller

Kentucky Blacksmiths

Peter King

L. Brent Kington

Alex Klahm

Richard Klimesh

A. Knight

Terry Knudson

Richard Kolpack

Keiko Kubota-Miura

Memphis Police Department

Paul Lacy

Ian Lamb

Christopher Lambert

Thomas Latané

Rauno Lehtonen

Marcia Lewis

M. Linn

M. Lucas

M. Lysekil

Bruce Macmillan

Michael Malleson

Joan Markell

George Martin

Lars Matsson

Richard Mawdsley

Floyd McDaniel

Charlie McKinney

Bob McQueen

Tim McCreight

John Medwedeff

Mississippi Forge Council

Lee Ann Mitchell

Sam & Jean Moss

Steve Nauman

Jonathan Nedbor

Darryl Nelson

Larry Newbern

Jouko Nieminen

Peat Oberon

David Owens

Chris Padelford

Peter Parkinson

Craig Parton

Tony Patel

Bob Patrick

Joe Pehoski

David Pimentel

Melvin Pinnock

Carl Plehaty

Henry Pomfret

Ron Porter

Richard Prillaman

Dennis Proska

Alan Puddick

Lucy Quinnell

Richard Quinnell

Joachim Quitzan

Manfred Bredohl

Henry L. Rehm

David Reis

Antony Robinson

Steve Rosenberg

Ray Rossi

Brian W. Russell

Brian F. Russell

G. Scholze

John Schultz

Joel Schwartz

Bob Selvaggio

Alvin Sher

Brad Silberberg

Mirko Siakkou

Rick Smith

Ray Sobel

Clay Spencer

Mike Spencer

John Steel

Dorothy Stiegler

Tore Stenfelt

M. Stratman

Emmert Studebaker

Ken-ichi Suganuma

Stu Thompson

Linda Threadgill

Peter Tickler

Randy Unger

Adam Varley

James Virnala

Peter Walker

Chapel Hill Forge

Daniel Wallace

Jedediah Wallace

James A. Wallace

Nol Putnam

Paul Woodmass

Steve Wooldridge

Peter Wynne

Paul Zimmermann



Mother’s Day, 2014 marked the 25th Anniversary of the dedication of the Metal Museum’s beloved 10th Anniversary Gates. To honor this special occasion, the Museum began a year-long restoration process starting in the fall of 2013. We also published a catalog that documents the history and artistry of the most photographed object in the Museum’s collection.

The restoration of the 10th Anniversary Gates was made possible by the many donors who sponsored rosettes and through an ArtsFirst grant from the First Horizon Bank Foundation.

First Horizon Foundation logo

For sponsoring a rosette with a gift of $500 or more, the Metal Museum thanks 


Pat Anderson

ArtsMemphis in honor of Karen Spacek

Michael Bondi in memory of Stephen Bondi, Russell Jaqua, Toby Hickman, Doug Hendrickson, and Charlie Orlando

Richard Briscoe

Bob Buckman and Joyce Mollerup

James P. Cole in honor of Suzanne Henley

Margaret and William Craddock, Jr. in memory of Jean Walker Craddock and Jane Matthews Day

David and Karen Garson

Don Goodman in memory of Dr. Marvin Miller and Arnold, Rebecca, and Freddie Goodman

Ann J. Huckaba

Carissa Hussong and David Lusk, in honor of Grayson and Pheobe, Monique Hussong, Dr. and Mrs. David Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grinstein, and Doug Ferris, Jr.

The Klyce Family in memory of Rebecca Meriwether Cooper Klyce

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Llewellyn in honor of Justin and Kathy Lohman

JR Lodico

Dianne and Myron Mall in memory of Willie Belle Shockley and Lorraine Mall

Jim Masterson

Katrina McKinney in memory of Charlie McKinney

Lewis Meyer and Cricket Bidwell

Linda Milbradt

Dianne and Larry Papasan in honor of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Catherine and John Spalding Shepherd

Bryan K. Smith in honor of Jimmy Smith and Carolyn Smith

Mike and Cathy Talbot in memory of Charlie McKinney

Raymond and Margaret Tanner in memory of Raymond Rossi

Susan and Bill Watkins

For sponsoring a rosette with a gift of $100 or more, the Metal Museum thanks 


Annette Althoff

Mari Margaret Askew and Patrick Foley in honor of Margaret Askew Hood Cooper

Betsy and Kinzie Bird

Anne and Vince Boberski

J. Barron Boyd and Carol DeForest

Sam and Deborah Brackstone

Kimberly Bradshaw and William McKeown

David Brown and Steven Hoover

Steven Brown and Kathryn Clancy

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burnett, Jr.

Dr. J. Baird Callicott

Bruce and Maggie Campbell

John D. Canale, III

Richard Carr and Laurie Williams

Paula and Rick Chaffin

Madge Logan Clark

Phil and Kay Coop

Mr. David A. Court

Bob and Debra Craddock

Maysey Craddock

B. Kendall Crawford

Susan Cummins

John and Judy Daffron

Ellen B. Davis

Alison England

Virginia and Darrell Fisher, Jr. in honor of Sharon and Darrell Fisher, Sr.

Pat Flynn

Dot and Luther Gause in honor of Richard Briscoe

Cathy and Jeffery Harris

Robert Harrison and Michelle Page

Lesley and John Hartney

Carolyn Springfield-Harvey and William Harvey

Sarah and Charles Henry

Robert Hollingsworth and Ronnie Gilmer

Carter Hord, Hord Architects

Japheth Howard and Alice James

Jody J. Hunter

Susi Hussong

Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Jabbour

Carol and Gene Katz

Barbara and Robert Keeler

Clay Keeler

Tricia and Chuck Kerwin

Nancy and Charles Kistler, III

Anne and Roger Knox

William and Carol Kutteh

Doug and Fawn Learn in honor of Japheth and Caleb Learn

Sheri Lipman and Dale Anderson

Shirley and Mike Lupfer

Jeanette and Stevens Martin

Debra Matton in honor of Tim Jamison

Richard Mawdsley

David McCarthy and Marina Pacini in honor of Grayson and Phoebe Hussong

Ralph B. Moss

Sam Moss in honor of Jean Moss

Kathleen M. Motl

Sally and Daniel Nibbelink

Lewis and Betty Nolan

Michael O'Nele

Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmith Association

Mary and Allen Portner in memory of Cynthia Portner Rhodes

Nancy and Richard Prillaman

Lindsey Randall in honor of LeeAnn Randall

Dr. Richard Ranta and Dr. Carol Crown

Wyndell Robertson

Hilary and Charles Robinson

Claude and Robert Rogers

Meryl Rosen

Elizabeth Rouse

Diane Rudner in honor of Stephanie and Lori Goldstein

Dorothy P. Schoettle

Jacqueline and Richard Sellers

Jessie and Dolph Smith

W.H. Smythe

Katherine Snape

Judith and Peter Sohngen

Ann and Mike Spiotta

Pat and Tom Stevens in honor of Owen James Longwell-Stevens and Isobel Jean Longwell-Stevens

Lisa and Donald Street

Peter and Aimee Sufka

Mike and Cathy Talbot in memory of Bruce Bringle

Linda and James Threadgill

Mary D. Tuthill

Shirley and Richard Vosburg

Paige Walkup

Marianne and Ronald Walter

Brother Robert Werle, FSC

David L. Wilson

Marni and Charles Wright

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