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Wrought Iron Ornaments from the J.G. Braun Collection, October 4 to December 6

The Metal Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition coming this Fall, co-curated by the Museum’s Summer 2020 Arts Intern Theresa Smith. The exhibit will display a selection of wrought iron ornaments from the J. G. Braun Company, which was established in the late 1880s by Jacob Gottried Braun. Braun immigrated from Germany to the Unites States in 1884 to sell his family’s forged works. The company specialized in producing ornamental, wrought iron moldings designed for railings, storefronts, door frames, stairways, fences, and elevator enclosures. Braun found that his products were in high demand due to the Great Chicago fire of 1871 and moved his business there in 1890. The J. G. Braun Company’s elaborate metalwork became a sought-out sensation in the Victorian and Art Deco buildings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

Read more about the J.G. Braun Collection here.
Read about Theresa Smith's intern experience here.
Since 1999, the Studio Institute's Arts Intern program has provided over 600 low-income background college students with authentic work experience in museums and cultural institutions. The program also promotes new voices within the institutions and diversifies their work force across departments.


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