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5. What a Relief (Sculpture)!

NOV. 3 | 9AM - 4PM
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In this class students will cast a relief sculpture of their own creation in aluminum. Students will be supplied with a panel and oil based clay to create their own unique low relief sculpture. Students will pick up the panel and clay no later than the Saturday ahead of the class (and as early as when they are enrolled in the class) to give them the most time possible to create a sculpture. Be as creative as you like; sculpt your pet, a geometric design, the scene in an old photograph. During the class on Sunday, we will prepare the clay sculptures, make a green sand mold, cast in aluminum, clean up the casting, and patina. There will not be any time during the instructed class to create the sculpture.

Once you have enrolled, your contact information will be sent the the class instructor. Gary Pergolini who will contact you to set up a time to receive your materials and instructions. Failure to pick up your materials with in the given time frame will result in disqualification from the class with no refund.

Prerequisites: None | Level: Beginner| Ages: 15+ (If minor- parent/guardian must be present)

"Silver" members and above receive a 10% discount on class tuition. Call before you order to retrieve your Member Discount Code.

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