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Let's welcome our next visiting artist!

The Metal Museum is pleased to announce that Russian blacksmith, Anton Yakushev, will be a visiting artist at the Museum through the month of June.

Anton Yakushev is an artist-blacksmith who has been creating work for over 16 years. He studied at the State Social and Humanitarian University in Kolomna, RU, where he began creating illustrative figures and forged animals in his distinctive style. Anton's work has been featured in numerous Russian and Ukranian blacksmithing publications, including youth magazine Epicenter and art magazine L’atelier du Forgeron, and he has taught educational workshops and classes to artists of various skill levels.

Anton Yakushev will be performing blacksmithing demonstrations for the public during his stay in Memphis. You can watch him forging fantastic creatures and caricature-like figures during normal business hours; he will also be performing demos during the Whet Thursday seasonal event. From June 21st to the 23rd, Anton will be leading a Master Class for blacksmiths – limited to only eight participants. All participating artists will be selected through an application process. The workshop will be focused on creating a collaborative katydid sculpture. Registration will open on Friday, May 31st and and artists will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Anton will be giving a slideshow lecture on Friday, June 23rd that is free and open to the public. Look for updates on our calendar!

We hope you will all help us give Anton a great welcome to Memphis!

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