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An elaborate curved necklace by artist Caitie Sellers.
Does all my work have to be entirely made of metal?


Not necessarily. Artwork should be primarily metal and demonstrate a technical mastery of the material. Mixed media and non-metal works may be included if they are essential to a body of work that is primarily metal.

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Can I include work that is larger than 72” and/or weighs more than 500lbs?


Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate works that exceed 72” in any direction or weigh more than 500lbs.

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Is there an application fee?


No, the Museum does not charge an application fee to apply for Tributaries.

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Can I submit more than one application?


The Museum will only review one application per artist. If you submit a new application, the most recent application will replace any previous applications on file.

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When will I hear if I’ve been selected for a Tributaries exhibition?


The Museum reviews applications and fills in the exhibition schedule on a rolling basis. We keep applications on file for up to 5 years, so it is possible that you could be selected for a Tributaries show at any point from the time you submit an application to five years after the submission date.

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Will you let me know if I am not selected for a Tributaries exhibition?

The Museum will only notify artists that have been selected, because applications stay on file for five years and artists could be selected at a later time.

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If I’m selected for a show, how do I get my artwork to the Museum?


If selected to be a Tributaries artist, the Metal Museum will work with you to coordinate shipping or delivery of your artwork. The Museum covers the cost of shipping, as well as insurance during transit and while at the Museum. Most often, artwork is shipped via FedEx, but other shipping options are available.

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I want to include work that I’ve sold. What should I do?

The Museum can negotiate loans from collectors for your show. We would require that you provide a list of potential lenders, contact information for those lenders, and which pieces you would like to request for the show. The Museum would then contact the potential lenders and if they are willing to loan, handle all contracts, shipping, insurance and other needs for the securement of the loan. Please be advised, the Museum cannot guarantee that loans can be secured from third parties, but will make a reasonable effort to obtain the requested loans.

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Can my work be for sale during the exhibition?

Yes, your work may be available for sale. In order to adhere to museum ethics, the Metal Museum will not actively advertise the sale of work from its exhibitions but can make a price list available upon request. The Museum can handle potential sales in one of three ways:

1) We can refer potential buyers to your gallery representative.

2) We can connect potential buyers with you and you can negotiate the sale of your work directly.

3) We can process the sale of a piece on your behalf. In this scenario, the Museum does not take a commission on the sale, but will deduct a 5% processing fee to cover the transaction. The Museum will charge sales tax to the buyer, and will then write a check to you after the sale is complete. The Museum will also coordinate shipping or pick up of the purchased piece at the close of the exhibition.

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Can I pull artwork from the exhibition early if I want to sell it or include it in a different show?


No, once the object list is finalized in the contract (approximately 3 months before the opening), work cannot be substituted or withdrawn until the close of the exhibition. This ensures we are able to provide proper exhibition furniture, mounts, labels, gallery guides, and marketing for the duration of your show.

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Do I need to come to the Museum to install my work?

No, you do not need to install your work. If you have specific installation instructions or layout requests, please send those in advance of your work arriving at the Museum. We are able to make custom mounts and may build new furniture if necessary.

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Do I need to come to the Museum for the opening reception?

Preferably, yes. We try to schedule the exhibition reception with the opening of the show and do require artists to come to the reception and give a gallery talk about their work and process. If there is a scheduling conflict, we do occasionally schedule a closing reception or a reception at some other point during the run of the show. The Museum will cover the cost of your travel up to $500 and provide accommodations while you are in Memphis for up to 3 nights.

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Can I apply for a Tributaries show with a partner or group?


At this time, we are only accepting applications from individual artists.

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How will my show be marketed?


The Museum will design and distribute postcards for your exhibition. We will also advertise your show through our website, email newsletter, and social media. Press releases will be distributed to regional and national news outlets and publications.

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I’ve already been a Tributaries artist. Can I apply again?


In an effort to provide solo shows to as many artists as possible, previous Tributaries artists are not eligible to reapply.

How many pieces can I include in my show?


The number of pieces in the show is very dependent on the size of the work you include. The gallery space is approximately 450 square feet. Typically, Tributaries artists include 7-12 pieces if the work is medium to large and 10-20 pieces if the work is small. The Museum reserves the right to not include every piece if the gallery would be overcrowded.

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