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Blacksmithing Conference

A blacksmith holds a hot steel bar in a hydraulic press.

ADVISORY: There will not be a Forging on the River blacksmithing conference in 2022.


Forging on the River is a weekend conference with a pre-conference workshop hosted by the Metal Museum. In addition to the chance to learn from an internationally recognized Master Blacksmith, Forging on the River provides metalsmiths and enthusiasts the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and work collaboratively on projects, while enjoying the Metal Museum exhibitions and grounds. 


Foundry Invitational & River Exhibition

Two foundry artists in protectuve gear pour molten iron into a mold.

The 2022 Foundry Invitational & River Exhibition (F.I.R.E.) will take place May 18 - 22, 2022.

The Foundry Invitational & River Exhibition (F.I.R.E.) is a conference for metal casting artists that takes place in the Metal Museum's Foundry. Each year offers a special workshop, a green sand workshop, and an iron pour. The conference and workshops are great opportunities to network with other artists, learn more about mold making, and take part in an iron pour. 

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